SEAT Alhambra 2013
The experts like the new SEAT Alhambra 2013, it’s a complete revolution compared to the old and dull Ford Galaxy based car. It’s practical, competitively priced and comes with lots of kit as standard.
SEAT Alhambra 2013 blueInterior
Being a big MPV, the SEAT Alhambra 2013 has tons of space inside for 7 people even for adults in the third row seats. It’s easy to get to them as well with clever middle row seats that tumble forward with a pull of one lever. You can get the car with optional electric sliding rear doors which are not only practical in tight parking spaces but it means you can effortlessly open them. Quality is good too with many of the parts being carried over from its Volkswagen Sharan cousin.

SEAT are known for great handling and exciting hatchbacks but the SEAT Alhambra 2013 is the opposite and the experts say it’s nowhere near as exciting to drive as a Ford S-Max. The sheer size means it’s quite daunting driving round town and the car is tricky to park. The cabin is well refined though and makes long motorway journeys relaxing.

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The range includes VW group engines from a 1.4 TSI petrol to a selection of 2.0 TDI diesels. Experts say the best in the range is the 138hp Ecomotive diesel which has a great mix of performance and economy thanks to lots of torque, up to 50mpg and start-stop technology.

Value for money
Essentially what you’re getting in the SEAT Alhambra 2013 is the extremely similar Volkswagen Sharan for a much more reasonable price. The only major differences are the badges on the front and back. That said it’s still expensive compared to other rivals.

Worth noting
If you’re a keen driver you’re not going to enjoy piloting the big SEAT and you would be much better off with a Ford S-Max. Parking aids aren’t standard either.

The Seat Alhambra is an award winning 7 seater and gives you Volkswagen quality for a much better price. The kids will love it too!

Key Details

Price range:
£23,205 – £32,365
37 – 50
Date released:
Replacement due:
Not for a few years
Model history:
There haven’t been any significant updates so far
Engine to go for:
The 2.0 TDI 138bhp is a great all-rounder
Options to go for:
The reversing camera would make parking easier!
Engine naming:
Engines with the name TSI are petrol, TDI are diesel

SEAT Alhambra 2013,7 Seat MPV,7 Passenger Vehicles

SEAT Alhambra 2013,7 Seat MPV,7 Passenger Vehicles

SEAT Alhambra 2013,7 Seat MPV,7 Passenger Vehicles