2013 Kia Carens
The humble Kia Carens is a 5 (or optional 7) seat MPV that provides reasonable value for money and should be cheap to run. It gets fairly positive reviews but ultimately doesn’t have any obvious strong points. While most of the latest range of Kias are very stylish this Kia Carens looks and feels a bit bland.
Kia Carens red 2012 2013Interior
Space inside the Kia Carens is very good for 5 people but the optional fold-away seats in the boot are fairly cramped according to the reviewers. The quality of the interior is solid and the big windows help make the car feel lighter and roomy inside. The ergonomics aren’t class leading but they are very good overall.

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The Kia Carens is a good motorway cruiser and the easy to use controls means driving around town won’t be a chore. On the country roads though the handling is dull and the gearboxes can sometimes find it hard to keep up with your demands. The car becomes uncomfortable when going over rough roads though as the suspension isn’t that sophisticated.

There are two engines to choose from; a 1.6 petrol which is only available in the most basic 5 seat model and a 1.6CRDi diesel available in the rest of the range. Economy in the diesel is the best with up to 49.6 mpg and it produces between 146 and 149g/km of CO2 depending on which seating configuration you choose. Unfortunately, we can’t report on what these engines are like since they are still to be tested by us.

Value for money
The Kia Carens is not the best MPV out there but it is competitively priced compared to rivals such as the Toyota Verso and Vauxhall Zafira. While quality in the Kia Carens is good, it’s dull inside compared to its competitors. Resale values will be weak since the car isn’t the most desirable.

Worth noting
One advantage that Kia Carens has over most of their rivals is that they currently come with a long warranty. Add that to the low cost to the car and it means you’re getting a lot for your money.

If you need an MPV that’s cheaper than some typical small family cars then the Kia Carens is the car you want thanks to decent 5 or 7 seat flexibility and a big boot for the money.

Key Details

Price range:
£12,990 – £18,810
33 – 49
Date released:
Replacement due:
Likely to be within a couple of years
Model history:
In 2011 the Carens got a facelift with slight different exterior styling. Our photos show the new model.

2013 Kia Carens | 7 Passenger Vehicles | 7 Seater Compact MPV

2013 Kia Carens | 7 Passenger Vehicles | 7 Seater Compact MPV

2013 Kia Carens | 7 Passenger Vehicles | 7 Seater Compact MPV