7 Passenger Hyundai Santa Fe

Hyundai Santa Fe

7 Passenger Hyundai Santa Fe

The 7 Passenger Hyundai Santa Fe is a good value SUV that gets some impressive reviews. It comes with an excellent engine that’s powerful and inexpensive to run.


We’re not off to a great start, as the interior isn’t the 7 Passenger Hyundai Santa Fe ‘s 2013 best aspect. It’s certainly practical enough and offers seven seats, but material quality is only average and testers bemoan the lack of steering wheel adjustment for reach – quite an oversight in a car that’ll be driven by people of all shapes and sizes.

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Ride and handling of the 7 Passenger Hyundai Santa Fe are both pretty good, say reviewers. There’s the occasional jiggle over some surfaces but it copes well with bigger bumps and remains comfortable on most surfaces. It also steers well, with good feel through the rim.

Unfortunatly with the 7 Passenger Hyundai Santa Fe you don’t get a choice here – it’s 2.2 CRDi or nothing. Luckily, the engine is absolutely fantastic. You get almost 200 horsepower and 311 lb ft of torque, so there’s more than enough go for most scenarios. It’s also quiet and refined, can tow 2.5 tonnes and when driving more sedately, is capable of over 40mpg.

Value for money
Value is always strong with Hyundais, and the 7 Passenger Hyundai Santa Fe is no exception. It undercuts rivals like Land Rover’s Freelander, while offering more performance. Equipment levels are also good, and that great engine delivers impressive economy for low running costs. There’s the added bonus of a long warranty too.

Worth noting
There are manual and automatic gearbox options, and both return good economy, the manual slightly higher. The lack of wheel adjustment may compromise the driving position for some.

It may not have the badge and lacks image, but the 7 Passenger Hyundai Santa Fe is a solid choice in the SUV market, with one of the best engines in the class.

Key Details

Price range:
£23,375 – £29,045
38 – 41
Date released:
Replacement due:
Likely within a couple of years
Model history:
The 7 Passenger Hyundai Santa Fe got a facelift in 2010, with new exterior and interior styling. It was also given an updated, more fuel efficient engine
Engine to go for:
There’s only one, an impressive 2.2 CRDi
Engine naming:
The ‘CRDi’ engine is a diesel

7 Passenger Hyundai Santa Fe interior dash

Hyundai Santa Fe Interior

7 Passenger Hyundai Santa Fe

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