7 Passenger Ford SMax

The 7 Passenger Ford SMax is the MPV you’ll want if you don’t want to sacrifice a bit of driving fun now and then. It gets very good reviews and seems to be most experts’ choice of MPV.

7 Passenger Ford SMax

7 Passenger Ford SMax

There’s little to complain about inside the 7 Passenger Ford SMax. If MPVs need to do only one thing well, it has to be practicality, and according to reviews the 7 Passenger Ford SMax scores well here.

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Testers of the 7 Passenger Ford SMax found that even the two rearmost seats are okay for adults on shorter journeys, and luggage space is good when they aren’t in use. The seats are comfy, and quality is good. If there’s one criticism, it’s that posher trim levels, with leather and Alcantara, are almost too nice to specify – given the hard family use they’ll see.

Thought you’d be relegated to a life of tedium by buying an MPV? Think again, if you’re looking at an 7 Passenger Ford SMax. Reviewers say that steering feel is good, there’s plenty of grip, it rides as well as you’d hope from a family vehicle, and doesn’t mind being driven near its limits. Most families will simply appreciate the excellent levels of comfort.

Plenty of choice here – the 7 Passenger Ford SMax comes with 1.6 and 2.0-litre EcoBoost turbocharged petrol engines, and 1.6, 2.0 and 2.2-litre turbodiesel TDCi options, with various different power outputs. Testers find the diesel engines impressively refined and very economical, and the EcoBoost engines are fun to drive, with plenty of power. The PowerShift twin-clutch auto transmissions are also commended on several models.

Value for money
You can knock a few points away from the otherwise excellent 7 Passenger Ford SMax here, as they’re quite expensive to buy compared to several rivals. Depreciation is also heavy, particularly on the slightly less desirable petrol models. On the plus side, those impressive economy figures mean low fuel costs, and road tax costs aren’t too depressing either.

Worth noting
If you need seven seats, Ford offers a cheaper, smaller option in the Grand C-Max, and a more expensive, larger one in the form of the Galaxy.

Top-level Titanium X Sport S-Maxes are very well appointed, but eye-wateringly expensive – so think hard if you really need all the gubbins.

If budget or outright space is a concern, there are probably more suitable MPVs on the market. However, few – if any – are as fun to drive, and the Ford S Max is rated very highly in most objective areas – so it comes well recommended.

Key Details

Price range:
£22,075 – £31,545
34 – 54
Date released:
Replacement due:
Likely around next year
Model history:
It was given a facelift in early 2010, with some fresh new styling and more fuel-efficient engines
Engine to go for:
The 2.0 TDCi 160 is a great all-rounder
Options to go for:
The panorama roof lightens up the interior nicely
Engine naming:
TDCi engines are diesels, Ecoboost are petrols

7 Passenger Ford Smax Interior dash

Ford SMax Interior

7 Passenger Ford SMax

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